Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Talk about Pattaya General Information with some guide


Meaning the 'south-west monsoon wind" and correctly pronounced "Patti-yah" not "Patt-eye-yah" this lively destination located roughly 150 kilometres from Bangkok ranks as one of the most successful beach resorts in the world. Each year a million and a half visitors enjoy its myriad attractions, and the number keeps growing. Although frequently criticised for its spicy nightlife, it satisfies the needs of leisure travellers in a way that few other destinations can match, anywhere.

Pattaya's tree-lined main beach extends for roughly 4 kms, commencing at the Amari Orchid Resort (the 'quiet end') and terminating at South Pattaya "strip" in a crowded shopping area which is also home to most of the of the discos, and nightlife. A short taxi ride further south brings you to Jomtien beach, which is longer, less crowded, and a base for many water sports.
Unlike Bangkok, Pattaya has no magical mystery hidden in aesthetic corners, and it makes no pretence of being anything more than what it is: - an unbeatable combination of essential, thoroughly satisfying holiday ingredients.

To illustrate this, some years ago a leading travel trade magazine conducted a poll of several hundred clients of different nationalities staying at a first class hotel, where the guests were predominantly couples or families. The results showed just how extraordinarily successful Pattaya is. Over 97% of respondents said they were "very satisfied", would return again, and would recommend Pattaya to friends.

Looking closer, it is not hard to see why. Pattaya is comfortably accessible from Bangkok in just over 2 hours on an excellent highway, thus avoiding the added expense of air connections, as is the case with Phuket and Samui. Even so, it has its own airport at Utapao, formerly built to handle B52's during the Vietnam War, can accept wide-bodied long haul charter aircraft such as 747's with ease. It enjoys year-round sunshine, and suffers few of the extreme weather conditions that can ruin holidays elsewhere. The cost of comparable accommodation in Pattaya is generally less expensive than Phuket and Samui, which makes it excellent value for money. Furthermore, it features almost every water and land-based sporting activity you can think of, boasts excellent restaurants, good entertainment, and countless leisure pursuits. The bottom line is that nobody can possibly be bored in Pattaya.

One last aspect perfects the appeal - numerous offshore islands with deserted beaches. This makes it possible to combine 'Robinson Crusoe' activities with all the fun of Asia's premiere beach resort. Similarly, a short drive takes you into all the pleasures of the Thai countryside, and there are many worthwhile excursions to places of interest, including trips to Bangkok, which can be done comfortably in a day.

But Doesn't the Nightlife Spoil It?

Probably more has been written about Pattaya's nightlife than any other place on the planet. For years, television crews and eager journalists have scoured the back streets in search of sensational, often exaggerated stories. Not surprisingly, the destination has acquired a mixed image of both bouquets and brickbats, a fact that may indeed discourage prospective visitors, who, uncertain of Pattaya's merits, may choose to go elsewhere.
What hoteliers know and most others don't realise, is that Pattaya receives a large number of repeat visitors - professional people, families, and retired couples - many of whom have made it their preferred choice after spending holidays in various other resorts around the globe. If you ask them why Pattaya wins over other more exotic or fashionable places, they point to its long list of assets: climate, accessibility, location, affordability, top class accommodation, fine restaurants, plus the huge choice of sporting, leisure and entertainment choices - arguably far and away the best in any Asian beach destination.
They will also tell you that Pattaya's main night spots are contained within a downtown area, which like London's Soho, you can either choose to visit or ignore. Those who choose the former out of curiosity will inevitably confirm with a smile that most of the girls are charming and polite; a far cry from the dubious personalities of their counterparts in the West, and a just being a spectator in one of the downtown bars can be a lot of fun.

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