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Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 10- and 12-Inch Omelet Pans,

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 10- and 12-Inch Omelet Pans,

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 10- and 12-Inch Omelet Pans,
Price: $49.00
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The 10 Inch and 12 Inch Omelettes are a perfect addition to every home. Two of the most used pans in any well-equipped kitchen. Omelettes have sloped sides so that foods slide out easily. Used for cooking omelets, pancakes, quesadillas, sautéing vegetables, searing steaks, fish and poultry. The nonstick surface make clean up effortless. Brushed stainless steel stay cool handles. Pans are oven safe up to 450 F.
Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 10- and 12-Inch Omelet Pans, Set of 2


  • Set of 2 omelet pans in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes
  • Heavy-gauge, hard-anodized aluminum construction with nonstick interior
  • Riveted handles stay cool to the touch for a secure hold
  • Oven-safe up to 450 degrees F. hand wash
  • Limited lifetime warranty

User Reviews

Great pans, using them all the time. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition. They don't heat as evenly as I would like, but that may have to do with my electric Jennaire range, which I'm not pleased with. thx, forget-me-not -- Calphalon fry pans
Nice, big, deep, skillets. Love the metal handles so I don't have to worry about going from stove top to oven. Surprisingly they don't get very warm while cooking on stove.
FYI: they do not have the thick disk bottoms of some of the more expensive ones, but perform very well and so far no warping.
Would definitely recommend for those looking for a quality budget set.
-- Above average quality!
I have bought this two-piece set twice, and after the second time, no more. In my home these have been every day use pans.

-Nicely weighted, great non-stick when new.
-Deep enough that food doesn't fall out while stirring or browning.

-Like many other reviewers have mentioned, the rivets are in a bad spot and take extra time to clean. The handles are not comfortable to hold and get especially hot when the oven is going. Not easy to grip with a mitt.
-I never felt that these pans heated evenly.
-Every year for two years I have had to replace them. They only seem to last about 12 months before the quality goes south very quickly. The nonstick finish begins to flake off until eventually it looks like if I continue cooking on them, the nonstick will flake into the food! I use either a silicone food turner or a bamboo wood food turner. Neither of which should be causing the finish to degrade over such a short time.

I will not be buying this set of pans for a third time. I'm out to try others out there that are in the same price range or better and will have increased longevity. -- Horrible longevity
These pans have been a joy to use since I bought them. They heat evenly, clean easily inside and out and have marvelously comfortable handles. At first I was worried that the rougher textured teflon wouldn't be slick enough to cook eggs effectively but I haven't had any trouble at all and in practice it seems just as slick as smoother finishes and is perfect for omelets, crepes, frittata and just about everything else I've thrown at it. Superb value for money. -- Tremendous value
This is the second time in a few years that I have purchased these products. They are the workhorses of my kitchen, used nearly everyday. They do a fine job and hold up pretty well. Alas, all Teflon is not forever and the smaller of the two fry pans no longer works so well (my husband managed to give it a couple of deep scratches, too). There is just no better deal out there, so I, quite happily, bought another set. -- Great product!
Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 10- and 12-Inch Omelet Pans,

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