Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas for Last Minute Shoppers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Last-Minute Shoppers

Make Your Christmas Gift List and Get it Right!

If you're faced with shopping just before Christmas, you might want to use some of these ideas:

  1. Avoid the Crowds Plan a day to get out early or stay out late. Crowds are smaller just when stores open in the morning. During the last week of the shopping season, many mall stores open at 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. You can get a jump on the crowds and get a lot done before things get busy.
    If you're a night owl like me, plan to head to the mall with your shopping list after 9 p.m. for some last-minute shopping. Clerks are more available to help you and you won't have to wait in line so long.

  2. Patronize Neighborhood Shops Avoid the hectic malls and visit a neighborhood boutique. Often the sales help is much more knowledgeable and the shops are less crowded.

  3. Think Office, Entertainment, and Tech You can usually find computer stores, office supply stores, or a stationery store free-standing, outside of a mall. Think about special software, CD's, daily planners for the year ahead, a personalized calendar, beautiful and collectible pen, or a photo album. You'll avoid the crowds and find something really personal.

  4. For the Tool Guy or Gal Believe it or not, some people yearn for the newest cordless, variable-speed, reversible drill, but just can't seem to splurge on one for themselves! A local hardware store or big building center often has knowledgeable staff to direct you to the latest tool or work-saving device. You'll be thought of every time your recipient uses the tool!

  5. The "Hostess With the Mostest" Invite an individual or your group of friends to meet you at a favorite local restaurant. Advise your server that you're picking up the bill for everyone, and let your friends know that your time together is your Christmas gift to them.

  6. Bon Voyage! If you know someone who has a trip planned or just loves to travel, find some handy travel supplies. (A suitcase is a very personal item, so I wouldn't recommend buying one for another person. Think of a gift certificate for this.) You might find a perfect travel guide, maps, tote bag or backpack, flashlight, suitcase strap or lock, leather passport cover, or packing cases. You'll be with them on their adventures, in spirit, at least!

  7. Basket of Goodies Retrieve a basket from your basement or garage or buy a new one. If you like, spray paint it in holiday colors. Then visit your produce store or grocery store and select some of their finest goodies. Create a basket of beautiful fruits, an assortment of yummy chocolates, coffee or teas and a mug, or ingredients and supplies for a gourmet Thai, Chinese, Italian, or Mexican dinner. Place the items on raffia or a bed of moss, cover with colored or clear cellophane, and top with a seasonal ribbon.

  8. Plants and Flowers Visit a local nursery or flower shop and purchase a beautiful living plant, a fresh miniature tree or wreath, or a display of holiday flowers. Add a pretty bow, a personal note, and a keepsake ornament, and hand-deliver the gift to your friend.

  9. A Gift Everyone Loves I love to receive gift certificates, though I don't often think to give them. You too? Think of a gourmet grocery store, building center, department store, spa, hotel, restaurant, specialty apparel shop, gas station, theater, movie rental store, or flower shop. You can often order your gift certificates over the phone and ask them to be sent to the recipient. Or you can deliver them yourself or send them in your annual Christmas card. Confirm that the gift certificate has no expiration date and will be honored whenever it is presented. Many people tuck gift certificates away in a wallet, only to discover them months later. What a lovely surprise!

With so many ideas, what are you waiting for? Get out there, do your Christmas shopping, and rest assured that your friends will love their gifts, and you!

Enjoy Your shopping !! Any more comment welcome. Happy your Holiday !!!

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