Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to Save Money on Kid Birthday Parties ( Finance Idea for Kids)

How to Save Money on Kid Birthday Parties

Birthday parties don’t have to break your budget. Even though your child has been to outrageously expensive birthday parties, she can be absolutely content with an inexpensive party at home. The location and cost doesn’t have to determine the fun. So start planning now for a fun-filled birthday party that won't break the bank.

Instruction :-

Step 1 ) Stay home. You don’t need to rent a pool or climbing wall for your child’s birthday party. You are already paying the mortgage or rent on your home, so you might as well use it well. Staying home also helps you avoid the hassle of figuring out how to transport all those children somewhere else.

Step 2) Keep the paper goods simple. If you opt for a themed party, you can easily spend a lot of money on coordinating plates, napkins, flatware, tablecloths, party hats, streamers and balloons. Besides expensive, a zillion Disney characters staring at you from all over the room is dizzying. Just purchase one or two themed items and then use solid colors for the rest.

Step 3) Bake your own cake. You can bake a cake from a mix for a fraction of the cost of a bakery cake, and chances are it will taste better. Your child can even help you decorate it with candy or sprinkles, and it will become a source of pride.

Step 4) Skip the goody bags. Instead of sending kids home from parties with a plastic bag full of candy and dollar store junk toys, hand out balloons or let them take home a craft they made as part of the party. Goody bags end up in the trash by the end of the weekend anyway.

Step 5) Play active games. Instead of buying special equipment or decorations for elaborate activities, play active games like musical chairs, tag, relay races, freeze dance and Red Rover. The kids will have more fun, and they’ll stay out of trouble as well.

Happiness with your kids in everyday!!

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