Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to Choose a Suitable Christmas Gift for Her

How to Choose a Suitable Christmas Gift for Her

Instead of falling back on the usual clothing, candy, candles or compact discs that you might buy your significant other for Christmas, choose suitable gifts that will help you spend quality time together and let her know how well you understand her and how much she means to you.

Step 1 ) Sign her up for creative classes that you know she'd enjoy and can help her develop her creative interests. Consider scrapbooking, rubber-stamping, knitting or photography workshops, for example. If you can't attend with her, complete projects together when she gets home to learn more about her hobbies.

Step 2 ) Buy something that will support her professional goals. Enroll her in a class that she's interested in or sign her up for a professional retreat or convention. Buy her a notebook to record her thoughts if she aspires to start her own business or write a novel, for example.

Step 3 ) Book a spa weekend (or day trip if time away from her work or family will cause her more stress than happiness) where the two of you can receive pampering side by side. You can also find a resort that features other relaxing activities like golf or wine tasting.

Step 4 ) Choose a gift card for a favorite restaurant and hire a sitter to give her a night off from cooking. Have dinner and spend quality time together after the busy Christmas holiday season is over.

Step 5 ) Research and find new stores that will interest her like antique malls or craft shops. Surprise her with a tour of them one weekend, complete with a festive holiday lunch. Let her pick out a gift or two that catches her eye.

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