Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How do I submit my web site to Yahoo Directory !?

How do I submit my web site to Yahoo ?
Quick instructions on how to submit your site Yahoo

In the first time when you make your website finish and complete content so it is ready to release to

all people around the world know about you. So in your website content will explain about you and everything you can give to all.

This is some suggest time for submit website. Please see in url link or this

Search results on AlltheWeb are provided by Yahoo!.
By submitting your site to Yahoo!, you are also submitting your site to be listed on

Submission to Yahoo! must be done manually.
Please visit: to submit your web site to the Yahoo!

search engine.

Please note that Yahoo! may require you to create an account with them to submit.

The process is likely to be lengthier than Google’s.

Enjoy your website !! Have Fun

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