Monday, November 3, 2008

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Christians

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Christians

You can show the ones you love just how much you appreciate them this holiday by giving them the perfect Christmas gift. If you're like me, you often run out of ideas to express just the right personal touch. With Christians in mind, I've put together a few suggestions to stir your thinking toward choosing uniquely personal Christmas gifts.

Try to keep in mind the particular interests, hobbies or talents of the person you are buying for, and just the right choice is waiting to be discovered!

  1. A Bible When carefully chosen, a Bible is a cherished gift. An audio Bible is perfect for the frequent driver, a large print Bible for the mature Christian, a slimline Bible for the traveler.

  2. A Music / Worship CD CD will rarely disappoint, especially when it's chosen with your loved one's musical interest in mind. Do they love classical, jazz, rock, R&B? Is there a new release from their favorite artist or worship band?

  3. A Book For the one who loves to read, there's nothing more enjoyable than receiving a new book. Is your loved one a fan of historical fiction? Consider a Francine Rivers' novel. For those who can't resist supernatural suspense and intrigue, I recommend Ted
    Dekker or T.L. Hines (hint, hint - my favorite genre!). For the non-fiction readers, consider authors like Jim Cymbala, John Piper, John MacArthur and Max Lucado.

  4. An Audiobook Club Subscription One of the smartest things I ever did was invest in a subscription to Having the ability to listen to great Christian audiobooks provided the perfect incentive I needed to help me stay disciplined and motivated in my regular exercise routine. If your loved one has an MP3 player and is trying to get in shape, why not complete the package with a subscription to an audiobook club. If they already have a subscription, most clubs will let you purchase credits or gift cards for their members. Nothing would thrill me more than a gift of audio credits for Christmas!

  5. A Christian Movie or DVD If your loved one is a movie buff, why not consider a video or DVD? Quality movies with Christian values are growing in popularity. Would they enjoy a comedy, a suspenseful thriller, or a drama? Are they young (in age or at heart) and would enjoy an entertaining and educational video series? Are they looking for a particular DVD to complete their special collection?

  6. A Magazine Subscription A magazine subscription can make the perfect personalized Christmas gift that will continue to be appreciated all year long.
    There are magazines for every imaginable interest, from weight loss to fitness, sports and music, sewing, golfing, and parenting. A subscription is relatively inexpensive and your thoughtfulness will be remembered all throughout the year.

  7. Christian Concert Tickets Do you know someone who's dying to see their favorite Christian artist in concert, but can't afford to buy the tickets? Well, here's a way you can really bless them! If you can't afford the tickets either, get some friends to go in with you and make it a group gift. To purchase tickets online or to find out about upcoming concerts visit Christian Concert Authority:

  8. Witness Wear There's probably at least one person on your Christmas list who loves to share their faith by wearing Christian-themed clothing. Check out these online outlets from my Christian Shopping Mall for "in your face" quality Christian clothing and

  9. Gift Certificates Gift certificates are great options for personalizing your gifts. They allow you the flexibility to choose the dollar amount of the gift according to your budget. A favorite restaurant, an art store, a book store, a craft store, a night out at the movies, a
    shopping spree, you name it, the possibilities are endless! And if you require the convenience of shopping online, hundreds of options are available to choose from.
  10. Massage Therapy Is there a special someone in your life who's feeling particularly stressed out? Now here's a gift idea that's sure to win favorable reviews! A gift certificate for a relaxation massage, a facial, or a salon pedicure is the perfect treatment, andguaranteed to be a hit!

  11. Enjoy Shopping !!! :-)

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