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Idea For Teacher Gifts That Say 'Great Job!'

Idea For Teacher Gifts That Say 'Great Job!'

Best Teacher Gifts Take Thought and Preparation

End-of-the-school year parties are approaching quickly, and the celebration provides the perfect opportunity to give a token of appreciation to your child's teacher. The thoughtful gesture needs not be expensive. Teachers share some of their favorite gifts received.

Finding a thank you teacher gift for your kid's teacher, instructor, coach or provider that he or she will really appreciate takes time and creativity. A general consensus is to pass on impulse teacher gift buys of cute coffee mugs and calorie-filled candy, and forgo the temptation to get anything with teaching or kid-care messages for teacher gifts. (Chances are, they have too
many of these items, and how many coffee mugs and teacher pins does a person really need?)

A check with providers about truly memorable appreciation teacher gifts they have received provided the following suggestions. But in the end, all teachers and providers agreed that it truly is the thought that counts!

1) Consider giving a disposable camera and a coupon for development to take pictures of kids in the classroom as a creative and sure-to-be-used teacher gift. Or, tuck a note in explaining that this could be put to good use during a holiday break or vacation.

2) Make up a movie night package by getting an unpopped popcorn tub and fill it with snack items, drink, and free movie rental from your area video store. This makes a great teacher gift for males or for those you aren't sure of their interests or activities. (Who doesn't watch a movie from the video store at least on occasion?)

3) Purchase a book for your school's library at your child's reading level and dedicate it to the classroom as a unique and sure-to-be-appreciated teacher gift. Many teachers must build their own book library at their own cost, and so any additions will sure to be appreciated.

4) Send a teacher gift donation in the instructor's name to a charity. (Ask a co-worker if he/she has a favorite charity, if possible.)

5) Ask parents to pool resources and come up with a teacher gift from the class or camp. It could be a cash or non-cash item. A sentimental present would be to gather a photo of each child along with a personal message from each stating what this indiviudal is so special. Place it into a special keepsake book personalized with the year. Another idea loved by a kindergarten teacher was buying a silver charm bracelet and having each child purchase a charm that best depicts them or their interest.

The teacher ended up with a loaded bracelet filled with soccer balls, books, ballet shoes, cheerleader, hearts, and more--and a wrist adorned with happy memories every time she wears this special teacher gift.

6) Consider giving a teacher gift certificate - something you know will be welcomed. It could be to an area store, local restaurant, or perhaps even to a teacher supply store so much-needed items can be purchased for the classroom.

7) Place some pretty bedding flowers (choose what is seasonally appropriate such as pansies, geraniums, petunias or impatients) in a basket with a pair of gardening gloves and a trowel into a basket as a teacher gift for someone with a green thumb. For an extra touch, consider having your child decorate the trowel with some paint.

Tuck in a few seed packets and a message about how the teacher has helped your child grow this year. For cold weather alternatives, consider a bulb such as an amaryllis or a small plant like Christmas cactus.

8) Make something! Have you seen those cute fabric cut-out flip-flops for females? Find out the teacher's shoe size and then surprise her with a pair in school colors or in a zany fabric like zebra or leopard print.

The cost can be less than $10 total. Just cut 1-inch-by-8-inch strips of fabric cut with pinking shears, and knot them on. Ta dah! It's a teachers gift that is sure not to be repeated by anyone else. Other ideas that would pleae males or females alike? A personalized CD holder or a warm blanket made from fleece. (Look at a fabric store or a Wal-Mart for ideas. Some styles are as simple as buying the fleece in two contrasting colors, cutting strips on the edges and knotting them together.)

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