Monday, November 3, 2008

Keep Your Christmas Shopping Simple - Some Idea for You

Keep Your Christmas Shopping Simple
Christmas Shopping Strategies to Avoid Crowds and Find Gifts Everyone Will Love

Whether you're shopping for your Christmas gifts ahead of time or doing some last-minute shopping, you'll find some of our ideas helpful. Avoid the crowds, spend less money, and find Christmas gifts that everyone will really appreciate.

Try some of these ideas if you like to get your shopping done early, but want to be sure to get it right:

Shop Online Almost every major retailer and specialty store has a website and offers online shopping. If you're familiar with the quality of the products of the company, go for it. You can take care of all your shopping on one or two sites and find something for everyone. Books, plants, small appliances, toys, and clothing are easy to find. Most companies will gift wrap your purchase, add a card with your personal greeting, and send it in time for Christmas. Be sure to confirm shipping times and options. If you need specific information about items, use the store's customer service department and call.

Buy in Bulk For work colleagues, teachers, neighbors, or a group of friends that you give gifts to, consider giving everyone the same item. It can be a yummy food gift, a seasonal decoration, a favorite book you've just read, or some piece of apparel. You may feel awkward doing this. If so, get several things and give one to an individual in each group. Then they won't know that you've bought several of the same gift.
I like to do this sort of shopping just after Christmas, when bargains are everywhere. I find something I really like, count my numbers, and buy one for everyone. If the items come wrapped, be sure to mark the packages so you don't forget what's in them and who they're for. Store the gifts in a safe, weather-proof closet until the next Christmas.

Add to Someone's Collection Christmas is a wonderful time to add to a newlywed's set of dishes or a collector's menagerie. You can buy the gift any time of year, pack it up, and have it ready when Christmas comes. If you're looking for something unique or hard-to-find, contact antique dealers or retailers in your community and ask them to call you throughout the year when they get the item.

An Evening Out Visit your local movie theater or concert hall and purchase a pair of tickets to an upcoming big event. If you have a group of friends you socialize with, consider buying a ticket for each one and yourself. You'll be able to spend time together and you'll be giving everyone a gift at one time.

Personalized Paper Everyone loves to see their name on things, even if it's just paper. Experiment and play on your computer to create a personalized letterhead for people on your list. (My name, Venus, is hard to find anywhere, so a personalized gift is really special!) Print out your work and have it copied onto notepads, envelopes, beautiful stationery, or business papers.

One-of-a-Kind Gift Certificates For a gift that lasts long past Christmas, plan to share a lunch, tea, afternoon, shopping spree, day skiing, lesson on knitting, day of decorating, drive to the beach or mountains, or walk in the park with someone you love to be with. Create a personal and unique gift card that they can redeem with you for the occasion.

Enjoy your Shopping !!! Happy your Holiday!!!

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