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Which Diet Is Right for Me? Find out the Solution

Which Diet Is Right for Me?

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Finding the diet that fits you best can make all the difference to your health and weight control goals. To work on your weight, first try asking yourself: What kinds of foods are the hardest for me to give up? What's my optimal, healthiest weight? Diets aren't just about losing weight, however. Changing what you eat can also support the treatment of many types of health conditions.

While advocates say that the following diets may help control or prevent certain conditions, these claims may or may not be supported by controlled clinical studies or published scientific articles. For more complete information, go to the full article on the health concern or diet that interests you. You should always consult your doctor before changing your treatment (including diet) for any health concern.

Whatever your goals, if you aren't sure which diets best fits your self-care needs, this list can be a place to start.



Unrestricted calories from protein and fat


Blood Type

Food recommendations depend on blood type

RestrictsSpecific foods

Dean Ornish

Designed for heart-disease prevention and reversal and weight loss

RestrictsFatsEmphasizesFiber EmphasizesVegetarianRecommendsExercise RecommendsRelaxation RecommendsNonsmoking


Suitable for short-term only

RestrictsAll foods

Glycemic Index

Supports management of blood sugar disorders

RestrictsCarbsEmphasizes Fiber


Reduces risk of chronic diseases

EmphasizesFiber EmphasizesVegetarian


Includes Atkins, South Beach, and others



Includes Dean Ornish and Pritikin diets



Designed for heart disease prevention

RestrictsFatsEmphasizesFiber EmphasizesVegetarianRecommendsExercise

The Zone

Designed for athletic performance and overall health



For relief of symptoms caused by food allergies

RestrictsSpecific foods

South Beach

Emphasizes healthy fats and healthy carbs

RestrictsCarbs RestrictsFats EmphasizesFiber

Weight Watchers

Balanced diet plan with weekly group support meetings

RestrictsCalories RestrictsFats EmphasizesFiberRecommendsExercise

Advocates claim that their diets may help or control the following common health concerns. Before trying a new diet be sure to read the full diet and health conditions articles-and remember to check with your doctor before trying new eating habits.

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