Monday, November 3, 2008

Some Ideas for Your Clients on Holidays Season ! Don't forgot it..

Some Ideas for Your Clients on Holidays Season ! Don't forgot it..

Don't forgot your client who helped make this year a great one!! Come to wrap the presents, baked the cookies and probably even sung a carol or two.

Never fear. Use these tips to send out the holiday cheer to your clients and keep your name on the top of their list:

• Gift Certificates One of the easiest gifts to buy is a gift certificate. If your clients are local, you can pick up the gift certificates, enclose it in one of your business envelopes with your name and address on it and hand deliver the package to each of your clients. Include your business card and even a handwritten note.

An alternative you should consider is going to your local card shop and picking out a Happy Holidays card. Remember, not everyone celebrates Christmas so stay away from the cards that are too specific. Happy Holidays will do nicely. Put the gift certificate in the holiday card and hand deliver it. You can always hire a courier or get a friend or family member to deliver the gift certificate if you prefer not to make an appearance yourself.

What if it's too close to the holidays and your client lives out of town? You can still mail a gift certificate. Your gift doesn't have to arrive before December 25. The holidays last all the way through January 1 so you're still covered.

But if you want to make sure they receive your gift quickly, send an electronic gift certificate. Most companies online now have gift certificates you can send so, as long as you have your client's Email address, they receive everything they need electronically.

• Candy Jars If you don't have candy jars with your company's name and logo on them, consider purchasing some in the future. These are great to have on hand in times like this. Drop some candy in them and send them on their way.

In a pinch, you can find some colorful or clear candy jars. Fill them with a variety of candies, put ribbon on the top and attach your business card to the ribbon. Hand deliver them yourself or have a friend or family do it for you. You can also mail these gifts through the mail for clients
out of town.

• Cookies With little time and effort, you can really be a hit at your client's office with the gift of sugar. You can buy an inexpensive decorative tray and place a variety of cookies on it. Put a bow on top and attach your business card. Use the same delivery methods described above and you've just given your client a great holiday gift.

• Your Own Merchandise Do you have mugs, T-shirts or even pens with your company's name and logo? People love free stuff and this is the perfect way to take care of the client's gift while advertising your company at the same time.

• Business Specific Gifts Does your company supply cooking utensils to a local restaurant? Wrap up a whisk with a card that reads,

"We hope you get whisked away in the holiday spirit." What about a watch maker? You can send out inexpensive watches set to January 1 at midnight with a card that says, "It's About Time." No matter what your type of business, you can come up with ideas - last minute or otherwise - that spread holiday cheer while advertising your company and putting you on the top of your client's list.


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